Europäische Burgenwelt Ehrenberg

High above the small market town of Reutte in the Tyrolean Außerfern lies Ehrenberg Castle, a true cultural highlight. Together with the Baroque fortress Schlosskopf, which towers above the castle, the Ehrenberg Klause in the valley, and the fortress construction "Fort Claudia", the Ehrenberg Castle ruins form one of the most significant fortress ensembles in Central Europe.

The castle was built around 1290 when Count Meinhard II, who held the rule over the Reutte area at that time, needed a new fortress. In 1639, Fort Claudia was built. In 1703, Ehrenberg was temporarily conquered by the Bavarian Elector during the War of the Spanish Succession, before the Tyroleans managed to recapture it. The castle complex was damaged again during the conflict. Afterwards, the fortress system gradually lost its significance and was eventually sold as a quarry.

A Reutte industrialist acquired the ruins in the middle of the 19th century and restoration work began about a century later. According to the current owners' wish, the castle should serve as a peaceful place for locals and as a destination for tourists. The latter appear in large numbers and are often deeply impressed by the magnificent Ehrenberg castle ensemble and the surrounding beautiful nature. The main building is now part of the European Castle Museum.