Swarowski Crystal Worlds

The Swarowski Crystal World started in 1995 in Wattens, the home of the crystal. As a world of phantasy they now have provided moments of awe to more than 12 million visitors, customers, and crystal enthusiasts.

Diversity of art
The multimedia artist André Heller, who designed the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in 1995 due to the 100th anniversary of Swarowski, aimed at combining crystals with art. After two renovation phases, respectively in the years 2003 and 2007, the world of fantasy now occupies 8,500 square meters. The result is a whole cosmos of discovery. It is the standing in awe in face of the works of world-famous artists, who have created their own, individual renditions of the crystals. Paintings, plastics, and installations of popular artists like Brian Eno, Keith Haring, Salvador Dalí, Niki de Saint Phalle, John Brekke, Susanne Schmögner and Jim Whiting invite to a marvellous journey into a glittering labyrinth, that blurs the line between dream and reality. Harmonic fragrance compositions by Jane Haidacher and mysterious sounds make the visit of this crystalline world of magic one unforgettable experience. Additionally, there is a colourful park area around the characteristic Head of the Giant, with numerous installations of contemporary artists. The Park of the Giant is the ideal place for taking a walk, and in the case of the smaller visitors, a place to frolic and play.

Diversity of experience
In the Crystal Stage with its frequently changing installations of the Timeless Stages, there is a glittering shopping landscape that has all the brand diversity of Swarowski in one room. The varied menu of the CAFÈ-terra offers international and seasonal culinary experiences. The Kingdom of the Giant is a place that you never experience the same way twice. There's magic in the crystal worlds of Swarovski.

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