The Lechweg – From the spring to the fall

The Lechweg provides a unique nature experience, the landscape shaped by people and truly legendary tales. On about 125 kilometres of path, the wanderer accompanies the Lech. From it’s spring near the Formarin Lake in the Austrian state Vorarlberg down to the Lech Fall in Füssen in the Allgäu. The Lechweg leads past one of the biggest ibex colonies of Europe. Along with a waterfall that runs dry and arises again every year seemingly by magic, there is the longest pedestrian bridge in Austria, and the Bavarian royal castles.

The path connects three regions and two countries with their traditions and history, from the Arlberg region over the Tyrolean nature park region Lechtal-Reutte, down to the southern Allgäu. All three regions have been shaped over the centuries by the Lech. From the Romans and their crossings of the Alps, over the Swabian children, and even the rafters, in every history, the Lech played an important role.

The magical, teal river characterises the flora and fauna. Many breeding bird species and wild orchids make up one of the most diverse habitats in Central Europe. To conserve one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe, the nature park Tyrolean Lech was established. The Hotel Goldene Rose is situated right next to the Lechweg between the Lechtal and the Allgäu.

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