Linderhof Castle

Linderhof Castle, also known as the "royal villa", is the smallest of the three castles of the Fairy Tale King Ludwig II and is located in the Upper Bavarian municipality of Ettal, in the south of Bavaria (approx. 30 min. from Reutte).

The castle, built in several stages between 1869 and 1886, is considered Ludwig II's favourite castle, where he spent most of his time. It is designed in a historical style, with references to the Rococo, and is reminiscent of the pleasure palaces of the 18th century. The walls and ceilings of the castle rooms are magnificently decorated, many ornaments reflect the Fairy Tale King's admiration for the French royal house. For example, the ceiling of the huge dining room features pictures depicting life at the court of Versailles and the largest room in the building, the royal bedroom, is functionally modelled on the bedroom of the French Sun King.

The castle also includes a beautifully decorated garden, whose various large areas combine elements from Baroque and Rococo gardens as well as English landscape gardens. The castle park features numerous ornamental buildings, a waterfall and an artificially created water basin with a fountain up to 22m high. There is also a sumptuously and orientally furnished "Moroccan House", the Moorish Kiosk, which is a pavilion, and the so-called Hunding Hut, a romantic log cabin. Furthermore, there is the "Hermitage of Gurnemanz", a hermit's hut, the construction of which was inspired by an opera by Wagner. The artificial Venus Grotto, which also has a design reference to an opera by Wagner, is another highlight of the castle complex.

The castle and the garden are open to visitors for tours and guarantee several hours of historically and culturally very exciting experiences. The castle also includes a beautifully decorated garden.