Neuschwanstein Castle

In southern Bavaria, not far from Reutte, you can find the magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle perched on a rugged mountain rock, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. This structure, built in the style of a medieval castle, garners worldwide fascination with its romantic architecture and lavish decor.

Every year, over a million tourists are drawn to Neuschwanstein to visit what's known as the "Fairy Tale Castle" of Ludwig II, the former King of Bavaria. The castle, which was built from 1869, is a testament to King Ludwig's love for the fine arts and his admiration for Richard Wagner. Neuschwanstein is filled with pictorial representations of the world of legends and fairy tales, which Wagner also repeatedly thematized in his works. Two rooms stand out in particular. The grand Singer's Hall, modelled after the Minstrel's Hall in Wartburg Castle, is decorated with large murals and pictures depicting the legend of "Parsifal". The 15-meter high Throne Room, reminiscent of the All Saints' Court Church in the Munich Residence, captivates with its lavish golden decor. Many of the castle's interior rooms are among the most important of German Historicism. The grotto, with its small waterfalls and colorful lighting that gives the impression of a stalactite cave, is also one of the castle's absolute must-see attractions.

Neuschwanstein truly offers a dream-like sight - both inside and out. It's no wonder that the castle was in the final selection for the vote on the new world wonders in 2007. The building is open to visitors all year round. Tickets for a guided tour can be obtained online or on site.